It's now less than 4 days away...the 1st 98 Country Ski Day of 2014 at Powder Ridge! But...especially if you've never been to the slopes before, what mountain sport will you participate in? Here's a few points to consider...Long before I even learned how to carve my way down a mountain in wintertime, the debate has been strong: SKI or SNOWBOARD?

Even though I started life at the foot of Mount Shasta in Northern California, truth be told- I didn't learn to snowboard until I lived in Colorado at age 22! Over the last 12 years, I've played at almost 2 dozen snow resorts across the country, and also worked at the ski hill in Las Vegas (oh yes, it's true). Considering I've never skied before (my 1st time will be on Sunday), I refer to articles in The Guardian & to let you weigh the pros and cons for yourself:

  • Already have good balance? SNOWBOARD
  • Quicker to learn? SKI
  • Less technical? SNOWBOARD
  • Easier on flat terrain? SKI
  • Want speed? SKI
  • More comfortable boots? SNOWBOARD
  • Better in powder snow? SNOWBOARD
  • Better on groomed snow? SKI
  • Equipment convenience at the car/chalet? SNOWBOARD
  • Equipment convenience on the hill? SKI
  • More injury prone? SKI
  • More speed? SKI
  • Similar sports? SNOWBOARD (wakeboarding, surfing, paddleboarding, etc.)
  • Better recovery after a fall? SNOWBOARD
  • Avalanche prone if irresponsible? BOTH

So based on these questions, it's about an even activity choice whatever you choose! I'm looking forward to seeing you out in Kimball with us on Sunday...and challenge you to do both to experience the differences firsthand.

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