My kids love Buffalo Wild Wings...but is B Dubs taking pumpkin too far? Is it possible to take pumpkin too far?

I just heard that Buffalo Wild Wings has a limited time pumpkin sauce available through the end of October.


Honestly, I'm glad that I don't HAVE to have this on m wings. Recently I visited one of my favorite restaurants that featured a  baked potato soup. I usually love it..but they felt the need to infuse "fall flavors" in the soup. So it was baked potato soup with hints of all spice. Really not what I was expecting, and I didn't really like it.  Maybe if they had listed the soup as "All Spice Fall Baked Potato Soup" I would have been prepared. I just didn't like the fall surprise in my bowl.

But here's to those who embrace change. Here's to those who say,  "Kelly...It's October...Everyone should expect pumpkin spice to be in everything they eat the entire month. Everyone should enjoy it. It's just once a year."

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