Hi, I'm Abbey and I am a Christmas procrastinator. I have about 50% of my shopping done for the year, and haven't even put up a Christmas tree up yet. If time got away from you as well this year, here is my best advice for shopping in St. Cloud at the last minute.

1. Order Online - Pickup in Store: Kohl's is specifically offering 2 hour pickup. Order your stuff online, and within 2 hours they will have it ready for you in the store. Boom. No need to browse the whole store looking for a gift.

2. Off Times: If you NEED to browse a store, go at a time when everyone else won't be there. It may involve taking time off of work, but it'll be worth it to avoid the crowds and lines. (Bonus tip: If the store is open 24 hours, go in the wee hours of the morning. Worth it.)


3. Have a Plan: I went into TJ Maxx without one, and walked out two hours later with nothing I needed, but still spent over $100. I'm terrible at Christmas shopping. Don't be like me. Make that list and check it twice.

4. Send a Friend: Know of someone going on a last minute shopping adventure? Send them your list and cash. And extra cash as a thank you for doing your bidding. Just make sure that there's no more than three things on that list and they aren't at out-of-their-way places.

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