If you spend any time on the South Side of Lake Mille Lacs you're probably familiar with the town of Wahkon. A popular place to grab a burger and a beverage just got new owners in town, and both locals and visitors alike will be happy to know it's another local business that is taking over the Wahkon Inn.

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The owner of Mugg's of Mille Lacs, Rob Dubbs, announced that he is taking over ownership of the Wahkon Inn on social media Monday.

Very exciting news!

We have purchased the bar across the street, the Wahkon Inn. It’s an amazing opportunity! Our plan is simple - to build on the success of the previous owner; Tommy, who ran a great operation.

Much will stay the same but some things will change. (Like a new name- more on that soon)

The Wahkon Inn will closed till Wednesday Nov 1, when will re-open for regular hours starting 6AM for breakfast.

We hope to see you soon,

Rob Dubbs & Team.

The currently named Wahkon Inn, was set to open back up this morning after the announcement on Monday for breakfast at 6am.

This is probably a best-case scenario for fans of the Wahkon Inn and Mugg's as visitors to the Wahkon Inn will have someone familiar with the area and have a track record of successfully running a restaurant taking over.


I love the news as we visit Wahkon to fuel up when we ride the Soo Line Trail, and will often grab a bite to eat at either Mugg's or the Wahkon Inn if we are hungry.

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