It's great to be recognized for the work that you have done within your career, or to be recognized for an accomplishment of some kind.  And when you receive the award it is customary to thank people for that award, right? People that have helped you "make it' in your career.

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And sometimes the award can be kind of silly.  That may be the case for this one.

This award isn't even really an award, it's more of a recognition.  But it's still pretty cool.

What I'm talking about is our recent "name a snowplow" contest.  There were some very fun and creative names that came up through this competition.  There were 8 names of snowplows for the districts within Minnesota.  One of the snowplows turned out to be "BLIZZO".  Named, of course, for Lizzo.

Lizzo credits the beginning of her career to Prince.  We all know Prince is from Minnesota.  Lizzo was working as a server in a restaurant while she was an aspiring musician.  Prince actually helped her with her music, and helped her on her path to stardom.  Right now, Lizzo is one of the most decorated artists of this time.

What's funny about that, is that she took to Twitter to thank us (as Minnesotans) for the "award" of having a snowplow named after her.  She said ""Of all the awards I've received, this, by far is the highest honor" . That's high praise.


I'm wondering how she found out about it.  Is she really paying that much attention to what we are doing with our snowplows?  And if so, that's fun!  Now, let's hear from Fleetwood Mac.  The snowplow "Sleetwood Mac" is named after them.  Think they care?  I'd like to think they do.  Wishful thinking?  Probably.

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