Lewis Black is one of my all-time favorite comedians. He is a regular on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central and gives his angry take on the problems in the world. This time, he takes on the Presidential campaign.

The mud slinging is in high swing and it will only get worse as we approach November. Trust me, we get tired of hearing those ridiculous ads that slam the opponent in every race for mayor to President. Every time there is an election, I am one of the first people to say to our political ad department, "Do we HAVE to run ads? I hate mud slinging."

The truth is, it is mandated that public radio station must run certain ads. Certain political races, we can choose not to run ads. The bottom line is, if we allow one candidate to air commercials, we have to let all the candidates in that race run ads no matter how true or false they are. We have all seen and heard campaign ads through the years that we know deep down are absolute lies, yet they are still allowed to run them.

There is something else that we are bound to federally. It doesn't seem to apply to political ads, but any other advertiser can't get away with lying in their ads. Let's say a grocery store ran an ad that said their competition's beef was shipped in from China and contained lead particles. Unless they can 100% prove their claims, they can't run it without being sued for false advertising. Better yet, if a product, let's say Nutella, runs an ad that makes a claim that isn't true, they get fined. Watch Lewis Black's video below to know what I'm talking about there.

The bottom line is, no matter which party you support, the campaigns are filled with half-truths or promises that will never be met. When a candidate says, "I'm going to lower taxes." Really? You by yourself will lower my taxes? I thought there was Congress, the House and the Senate that all had to approve that, but ok, YOU are going to lower my taxes. Thanks!