It's already been a long day at work when you notice your gas tank is running low. With a heavy sigh you pull the car over to the gas station.

After nearly passing out from the shock of seeing the ever-climbing price of gas, you insert your credit card and ready the car for its injection of fuel. Suddenly, Maria Menounous is loudly explaining the best way to get your kids to eat vegetables and Chris Hawkey is shouting about the benefits of E88 gas.

As the number indicating how much of your money your engine will soon be literally setting fire to rises uncontrollably, a guy comes on the little screen telling you about the great deals going on right now inside the store.

Please stop. Please. I am already paying an arm and a leg to fill up my tank after a long day of work. I don't care to hear about the wonderful deal on loaves of bread inside the store.

Ads are a necessity for products that are free, like the radio, this very website or broadcast television. I am not getting any benefit at the gas pump that warrants me having to listen to this crap the whole time I am standing at the pump.

Either you offer me a five-cent per gallon discount for -agreeing- to watch all these ads (some of which are disguised as entertainment) or please shut them off. No one is asking for this.

Look, we are bombarded by ads everywhere we go: social media, billboards, television, online, etc etc etc etc etc. Please let us pump our gas in peace.

Shout out to Kwik Trip for at least giving us a mute button.

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