I bought my house here in St. Cloud a couple of years ago, and the yard was pretty much flower and plant-less.  Which is a good thing. It means I can imagine and make my yard anything that I want it to be.

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This is a picture of my house when I bought it. As you can see, there were no plants or anything that had been here in quite awhile.

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I've been trying to slowly get plants, mulch and flowers. But since I'm on a budget, I decided to plant the front side of my house, and then use transplanted wild ferns from my parents farm, and some of their Hosta's for sprucing up the area.

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My mom took some of her existing plants out on the farm, and filled these pots with lots of options. Now I just have to decide where to plant everything...but we at least have a head start.


You can find ferns growing in the wild.  If you know someone who owns farmland or woods, they may be able to find some of the plants that you can transplant. Here is a great video I found to show you how to do it.

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