Minnesotans are unique beings. Sometimes we're hard to understand because we have special ways of saying what we mean and expressing what's on our hearts. If you've ever traveled out of state, you'll realize pretty quickly that a grey duck is in fact a goose to most everyone else. Here are some famous southern phrases and how they translate out to Minnesota speak!

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  • "Bless your heart": My great grandmother is from Illinois and would say this to me all of the time. I thought it was just the nicest thing...until one day I learned what it actually meant. It basically means, 'that was unintelligent'. This is the equivalent of a Minnesotan saying 'uff-da'. 
  • Over yonder: Where is 'over yonder' exactly? We're not sure...it's kind of like a Minnesotan saying 'up north'. Somehow no one knows what we're talking about, but we do.
  • Yes Ma'am: This is pretty self explanatory  …but, a Minnesotan would say 'you betchya'.
  • Soda: Minnesotans refer to this fizzy beverage as pop.
  • Casserole: To Minnesotans, this is known as a 'hot dish'.
  • Aren't you precious: Minnesotans would say, 'Oh for cute!"
  • I'm about to fly off the handle: In the land of 10,000 lakes, we say, "for cripes sake!"

Are there any other southern phrases you can translate over to Minnesota speak? I'm sure there are a few we missed. We'd love to hear from you. Share them with us in the comments below!

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