"Where the hell was Choad on Friday?" ~Nobody

Well thank you for not asking! My girlfriend dragged me to the North Shore to check out the Wreck of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald ceremony, where the names of those who lost their lives are read aloud and the Split Rock Lighthouse is lit in memoriam.

We didn't leave early enough and ended up missing it. Can't break hotel beds all weekend, so we explored the area!

Gooseberry Falls State Park is nice. Even though it's far beyond peak foliage season, it's still beautiful in an "I'm Only Happy When it Rains" kinda way.

FUSE's Daily Download With Garbage And The Bravery

Cloudy weather makes for gooder pictures! The muddy terrain made for treacherous travel. That didn't stop us from veering off-trail wherever it was (probably) allowed.

We were slowed by a trio of middle-aged Selfie Queens who just had to get multiple pics from multiple angles with multiple lineups and make multiple faces. THEN they'd hook an unsuspecting passerby to take these same pictures using the back-facing camera. I hope they know that the world hates them and that their ankles are unusually swollen.

Harsh? Damn right. I literally had to wait five minutes - twice - for them to get through their pose rotations. I was almost hoping that they'd ask me to operate their phone camera, just so that I could accidentally drop it in the water/on the jagged rocks and likely receive thunderous applause from other tourists as well as the local wildlife.

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Anyway, enjoy!

Photos of Gooseberry Falls on Minnesota's Great North Shore!

Went on a weekend trip to Minnesota's North Shore!

Gallery Credit: Images by Choad

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