There's a photo going locally viral on Facebook of what appears to be a man drinking a case of beer while sitting on the median of the road along Division Street Sunday.

The photo was posted by Erin Linn on Sunday. Since being published, the photo has been liked, commented and shared hundreds of times. The caption simply says, 'St. Cloud MN. "

The unidentified man was sitting outside of Midtown Square Mall. Although it's unclear how long he was there, it appears it was awhile. There are roughly 8 cans of beer on the ground around him, a case of beer sitting next to him and a red bicycle resting against a pole behind him.

Comments are all over the board from people asking where the cops were to people who said they wanted to join the stranger for a beer.

Lance Evenson asked, "Where the h*@# are the cops sleeping?"

Carla Leuthardt wrote, "Dangit, and here I avoided Division today, that would have been quite a sight!!!"

Angela Schultz commented, "This made my day! I'd like to join him."

Eric Olson said, "I don't know what he's going through...But, I bet it involved a woman."

Josh Lehtola had a theory, "I'm guessing the box broke and he's trying to salvage them...its a tough spot to be in."

Melissa Freese wrote, "Yeah I agree no way he sat there that long drinking without the cops showing up."

We're not sure who this guy is or why he was having some beers in the middle of the road or how this story ended...One thing is for sure, it's a mystery--perhaps we'll never know.


St. Cloud MN.

Posted by Erin Linn on Sunday, August 23, 2020




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