I think that if you ask almost anyone who drives anywhere at anytime you will find a pet peeve from each one of those people. Sometimes the same one... like left lane cruisers or something like that. This one happens to be mine  Along with others, but this is the one that actually makes me say something out loud in my car, like the other driver can hear me.  It's ridiculous, but it's what I do... and I know I'm not alone.

When you are making a right turn into a drive way, parking lot, or just onto another street, there is absolutely no reason to swing out to make that turn.  Unless, of course, you are driving a very large truck.  NO REASON!

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If you don't know what I'm talking about, lucky you. What I am talking about is when someone makes (usually) a right turn, they will swing a bit to the left to make the turn, like they think that they won't be able to make that turn otherwise - like they would be in a position where they would have to back up and make another run at it.  You are in a vehicle where that is totally unnecessary.  Your vehicle will make that turn just fine without the "swing out".  The problem is that if you are coming from the other direction, they will sometimes swing a bit into the oncoming lane in order to complete this move.  Or, if you are going around the person turning right, you run the risk of them hitting you.  This is most annoying if there is a turn lane and they swing out of that lane to complete the move as well.

Everyone has a pet peeve... not moving when a light turns red is another one. 

Although, recently it might be a life saving or accident avoiding practice since the running of a red light seems rampant in the St. Cloud area.  But still, if the light turns green, GO!!  It seem like this is probably happening because of distracted driving. Much like most other driving issues.

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