It's Easter, a time of year for reflection, new beginnings, and very strong opinions on candy.


People Who Dislike Peeps: Peeps are vial awful things I don't get how anyone could like or eat them.

I just so happen to be on the side of the fence that adores Peeps marshmallow candies. They are fluffy bites of wonder and I really can't comprehend why people hate them so much. Do you people hate marshmallows? And puppies? And joy?

Now I won't vouch for the weird flavors like fruit punch, birthday cake, or cotton candy. I'm talking about the OG, real deal, first of their kind, Peeps.


Here are three solid reasons why they are simply the superior sweet:

1. They Last Forever:

Peeps have a shelf life of two years unopened. You try keeping chocolate candies for two years. They're going to get weird and chalky. And if you eat two year old jelly beans you might as well be eating a fist full of gravel.

2. Multiple Color Options With No Risky/Weird Flavors:

The original Peeps candies come in two forms, bunnies and chicks. They also come in yellow, blue, pink and purple. AND THOSE ALL TASTE THE SAME! No flavor risk, all high reward.

3. They Are Available For All Major Holidays:

Jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, cream eggs, they're all Easter specific. Peeps knows whats up and release different holiday themed marshmallows for nearly all major holidays. How's that for evolving and adapting.

In conclusion, Peeps are the best part of Easter and Spring as a whole. If you are looking to re-home the bunnies and chicks in your basket, let me know. I just might end up setting up my own Peeps rescue.

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