The men of Parmalee aren't fools. After notching a No. 1 hit with "Just the Way," the group will continue to lean on a progressive, pop-country sound for their next radio offering, "Take My Name."

Minus Blanco Brown, the two songs from the For You album (2021) are very similar. "Take My Name" also begins with the chorus (always a savvy move when trying to attract gobs of listeners) and rests on a drum track as singer Matt Thomas pleads with young woman he's just met. Accessible lyrics make both mid-tempo singles easy to apply to one's own love story. It's not difficult to imagine a young couple keeping this song to tell each other how they're feeling.

Even before cracking the Top 40 on Billboard's Country Airplay chart, "Take My Name" tallied more than 25 million streams on Spotify ("Just the Way" is over 100M). That makes selecting it as the next song for radio audiences a no-brainer. Parmalee may one day return to their rock roots, but it's hard to argue against a song that's already proven itself decisively.

Did You Know?: When "Just the Way" hit No. 1 in March 2021, it marked Parmalee's first chart-topper since "Carolina" in 2013.

Parmalee's "Take My Name" Lyrics: 

Take my hand, let me make you mine / I'm through waiting, taking my time / Never felt like this before / Take my name and make it yours.

I hope you don't think it's a little bit crazy / Saying this all so soon / But baby, it's the right time, knew it from the first time / That I laid eyes on you / It's okay, let 'em say what they want / They might think I should wait, but I don't / No, I don't wanna waste a minute / Girl, I want you in every single part of my world.

Repeat Chorus

I know I'm the last guy anybody think might / Ever be talking like this, yeah / But I can see my future in your eyes tonight / And taste forever on your lips / I'm like hold up a minute, don't go / Ain't no way I can take this slow, so / Go ahead and tell me I'm outta my mind / Or baby, just tell me yes.

Repeat Chorus
Take it all / Baby, I don't ever want it back / Take it all / Yeah, everything that I have.

Repeat Chorus

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