With two of my children starting their first day of college today, I wanted to spend some time with them this weekend; other than me being upstairs and them being downstairs. I wanted some time that we could enjoy together; and I accomplished my goal.

I've been curious about the escape room experiences that have popped up all over the nation, and decided that I'd book us a Detective experience at Riddler's Escape in St. Cloud.

My sons Mason and Tanner, along with their cousin Nick and myself, all piled up and headed over about 5 pm Saturday afternoon.

We were teamed up with a group of young folks that were just a little bit older than my crew and it ended up being the perfect storm for our escape.


I was trying to look for ways to prepare for the experience online. Did it help? Actually...No. There was really no preparing for what we experienced. Some of it was natural skills that you've developed through your lifetime...or not. That's why a team effort is a must.

I was so impressed with my boys and their problem solving skills; It was so much fun to watch them work together. The other group had a different set of skills than my younger group; and I don't think either group could have made it out without the other.


Absolutely! I realized that I'm pretty good at finding clues. My children and Nephew are great at mathematical, problem solving and working together.  I'm ready to go back! It was the kind of experience that kept me engaged and I think every family should experience game time like this.

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