Late last night I thought we were beging robbed. My dog Sampson was whimpering and wining and running back and forth through the house; looking out every window and then coming back to me.

I finally got out of bed and saw someone, I thought, on my front doorstep. It sounded like they put something in my mail box. Then I saw a streak fly by my window. I was scared to death.

I shut al the lights off. I watched as people were going by just chatting and having a late night walk outdoors. This was my chance to check and see who had been at my front door.

All I could see were a ton of doggy footprints in the snow...and in the corner of my eye, our beautiful little visitor from a week ago, running up to greet me!

He was so excited. He ran in the house and Sampson was joyful. They about broke everything in the house until I could get them out to the backyard to play in the snow.

I've captured it on video this time.

I met the owner Kayla, who was a wonderful person. Her dog had his tags so I called and let her know he was safe and could spend the night.

Kayla came over the next day, and picked up Shadow. We've now made friends and I told her anytime she needs a dog sitter to let us know; His best friend Sampson can't wait to see him again.

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