This vaccination situation has been a thorn in some people's side (or arm) for quite awhile now.  There are people who are VERY opposed to it and there are people who are VERY adamant that everyone should be vaccinated.  There are even some states like New York,  California is moving in this direction, that have mandated vaccinations in order to eat out at a restaurant or attend any public event.

Minnesota hasn't gone that far, but it seems likely that there is going to be some sort of mandate coming soon.  This is really going to tick off a lot of people and at the same time make many others feel so much better.  And whatever side you are on, you're not budging.

I have heard so many reasons from people who do not want to get the vaccination.  There is the religious reason, there is the health reason (some of those are legit) and the reason of "my body, my choice".  This last one doesn't really hold water.  The point of the vaccination is that you are yes, supposedly protecting yourself, but you are also protecting others.  So it isn't JUST your body.  It's others around you.  Yes, you can still get COVID even with the vaccination. We have all heard about the breakthrough cases.  But almost every time the symptoms are less or non existent.  But there are some of those (small percentage) who still get severe symptoms.  It can happen.  The vaccination isn't 100%.

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If you are going to use this excuse for refusal, it would be more accurate to drop the "my body" part and just say "my choice". And right now, it is.  But it may get more difficult to do things as time goes on and more mandates are put into place.  Personally, I don't see a problem (other than inconvenience) to get a test within 72 hours of whatever event you want to attend if you don't want to get vaccinated.  Some people are having an issue with all of it.  Masks, vaccinations and tests.  It is your right to feel however you want to feel, but it is also the right of whatever business to implement policies that they feel are important.  Generally these businesses will offer an alternative to entering their business if you don't want to comply.

This also can set off some "Karen" behavior.  By the way, this never, and I mean NEVER goes the way of the "Karen".

Bottom line- if you don't want to get the vaccination, you may have to deal with some inconveniences.  You do you.  But just drop the "my body" part of that excuse.

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