Finally, the weather is warming up enough that the snow is melting on streets and sidewalks.  And people are starting to go out a lot more for walks, jogs and many times this includes bringing along man's best friend.  Dogs usually love to go on walks and jogs, and besides, bringing them along helps them and you.  If you are someone who goes out for early morning or evening runs/walks, it's nice to have some protection with you.  A dog is great for that.

One thing that does happen, of course, is your pet may decide to relieve themselves while out on the walk, Totally normal, and expected.  But, you, as a pet parent, need to take care of that issue.  Bring a poop bag with you.  And, after you bag of their "deposit" please dispose of that bag in an appropriate manner.

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Some people apparently think it's just fine to take their pet out for a walk, let their pet go, and then just move on.  It's not ok.  It's gross.  Up until now, there has been a ton of snow all over, and you may not have noticed the issue until now. The snow melts, and now there is a gooey mess left on the sidewalk.  Or, the pet owner may have taken the time to bag it up (thank you) and then just left it there along side of the walk way.  Who did you think was going to pick it up?

If you are going to be a responsible pet owner, you need to clean up after your pet as well.  That's just part of being a pet owner.  And, being a considerate person.  No one, and that includes the person who's pet left the "deposit", wants to step in it or have it sitting in their yard...bagged or unbagged.  Gross.


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