Well, we can't blame this driver for a lack of creativity. But I do wonder how long they've had this card sitting in their wallet, waiting for the moment to use it. A Minnesota driver recently tried to give a Monopoly game card to a Chisago County Deputy when they were pulled over. While clever, Minnesota law doesn't recognize the game piece as valid.

According to the Chisago County Sheriff's Office, the incident happened last night at a traffic stop. The driver of the vehicle gave the deputy a Get out of jail free card from the game Monopoly along with their driver's license.

The post from the Sheriff's Office said in regards to the card:

Last night a deputy did a traffic stop, and the driver handed him this card, along with his driver’s license. Unfortunately, the state of Minnesota does not recognize this as a valid document.

Points for the effort and humor though! 

It's unknown if the driver received any citation after being pulled over, or if they simply had been given a warning one for the infraction that led to the stop, and another that the card wasn't going to work here in Minnesota.

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I'll give this driver credit for having the fortitude for handing this card off, chances are the driver knew the card wasn't going to work, but it did seem to brighten the spirits of the deputy and those who follow the Chisago County Sheriff's Office on social media.

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