I don't think this is what our forefathers meant when they said "the right to keep and bear arms" in the second amendment.

I love checking the Minnesota DNR conservation reports every week because there is always something interesting in the great outdoors of our state, and this week was no exception in Hovland.

DNR Conservation Officer Mary Manning's week was nothing short of eventful. After attending the funeral of retired Conservation Officer Joyce Kuske, Mary had to respond to a report of an armed bear in the Boundary Waters:

 A camper reported a bear stole a backpack containing his handgun (and several delicious-smelling snacks) from a portage landing and ran off into the woods. They were unable to track and locate the bear or the pack. The officers responded and, after searching the area, located and recovered the partially shredded pack, numerous empty snack wrappers and the undamaged firearm.

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Obviously, the bear in question was far more intrigued with the snacks in the backpack than the firearm. When you're a big scary bear you really don't have much of a use for a weapon, your claws and teeth are usually enough. Plus I highly doubt that bear had and sort of safety training or his permit to carry.

Closer to home in the St. Cloud area, DNR officers spent the week monitoring waterways, checking anglers, and responding to various complaints. Nothing as crazy as dealing with an armed bear, that's for sure.

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