At first, it can be tough to fully understand what is going on.

Maybe you see a pair of teenagers roughing around in the pool. Maybe there are a couple kids horsing around in the lobby of the hotel.

Then you look outside and see four middle-aged men playing cornhole on the front lawn of the hotel with beers in hand. Suddenly, there are two dozen wild kids running, jumping and splashing in the pool.

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That's when it dawns on you: There is a youth hockey tournament in town and your hotel just so happens to be the epicenter for the entire thing.

You try to go to sleep but the stomping up and down the hallways is too loud to tune out. Now there are 13 kids playing floor hockey in front of your room. You wonder where on Earth the parents are, but then you see one of them stumbling to the ice machine with one sock on and it all makes sense.

The parents are all hanging out in Room 112 having some fun so the kids are free to roam the plains like wild buffalo. It's going to be a long night.

Is this a strictly Minnesota thing? If I were to go to Kansas City or Tampa Bay would my odds of staying in a  tournament's de facto headquarters be lowered?

How do you handle this situation? I feel like kind of a jerk if I call the front desk to complain. Talking to the kids is out of the question (very few ways it ends well) and the parents are locked in room 112 listening to twenty one pilots on a kid's giant Bluetooth speaker. In the end, I always just let it go. Kids will be kids! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find it frustrating to not fall asleep until 3 a.m..

I’m all for kids having fun, after all I was one of those kids a long time ago! Just wondering how others handle this situation.

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