Minnesota's oldest city is also one of the most adorable.

Wabasha, located in Southeastern Minnesota is also the site for the blockbuster movie Grumpy Old Men and the sequel, Grumpier Old Men.  The first one takes place in the Winter and the sequel takes place in the Summer.

If you have never been to Wabasha, I suggest you take a weekend and drive down there.  The town is so cute.  It reminds me of a town that is fake on some Hallmark channel movie.  The shops are so quaint, everyone knows everyone and they decorate for the holidays - just like a Hallmark holiday movie.

Each February they hold the Grumpy Old Men festival.  This coming February, 2023, it is scheduled for Saturday, the 25th.  So far they haven't released the 2023 festival poster yet, but in the past they do have a "Grumpy Plunge" which, as the poster says, takes place at an "Ice Hole Near You".  Nice play there.  You can even donate to the Grumpy Plunge. Proceeds from the 2022 Grumpy Plunge will help further the mission of the Great River Homes, Inc. and the Rotary Club of Wabasha. No word yet if that is the same situation for 2023, but one could assume.

If you would like some more information on Wabasha and the Grumpy Old Men Festival, check out the website

You can also visit the Eagle Center in Wabasha.  This has been newly remodeled and is right on the edge of town. The center is open daily from 10-5pm.

We invite you to learn about eagles, stand face-to-face with a live eagle, and watch wild eagles soar above our observation deck.

If you do go during the Summer months, make sure to make a stop at Slippery's Bar and Grill.  Right now they are closed for the season, but in the warmer months you can hang out on the deck, have some lunch, grab an adult beverage and even buy some swag to commemorate your visit and the popular movies.  Slippery's was the bait shop featured in the movies.  Oh, a bait shop that turned into an Italian restaurant in the second movie.  Then Italian dining and bait!  That goes together, right?

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