I saw recently online that our friend Meagan at Papa's Garden in Royalton is looking for some help with something. Meagan is in need of an old working refrigerator to keep produce that is harvested overnight in tip-top shape. So now is your chance to help out our pal, with a fridge so she can keep feeding our friends in Royalton and the surrounding area.

Hi Papa’s Garden fans!!

Looking to see if anyone can fulfill a need that I have. I’m looking for a garage fridge to store our garden goodies. It doesn’t need to look pretty, it just needs to be fully functional - something that doesn’t freeze the produce overnight (our current one is not reliable at all.) As cheap as possible please, or if anyone has one for free, that would be even better!

In a post from Papa's Garden Meagan explained why she was looking for the fridge.

Meagan has been growing this community garden for a few years now and is always giving back to the community of Royalton, and at the same time, the folks of Royalton have given back to Meagan.

Last year she had a standing dresser donated that she turned into a pantry for her produce that was ready for anyone who was looking for some fresh produce to grab.

This year Meagan has added some different plants but has kept some of the ones she has had over the years, and it looks like she is starting to harvest some produce already.

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If you can help out, here is the link to the Papa's Garden page and you can send Meagan a note if you've got a fridge to help her out, and she is open to paying something for it, but everything is better free of course.

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