There have been so many new businesses opening up recently in the St. Cloud area  I have been to a few of the new places, and none of them have disappointed.

This week, June 1 through June 4th, the new Obbink Distilling is celebrating their grand opening.  There will be live music entertainment and many drinks to try.

The great thing about many of the new businesses in the area is that they are not all chain restaurants and bars, they are unique places, and they are places that mot of the population will want to at least check out and hopefully frequent.
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Obviously, we all are aware of lot of chain fast food restaurants that have opened up over the last few years, but more recently, there have been more of a bistro type restaurants, bars, and coffee shops.  Sometimes the chains are what you know and it's easy to get something familiar, But then there are the times when it's great to enjoy something more unique and local.
As we keep mentioning, keep eating, drinking and shopping locally, and more of these types of establishments will come.  Hopefully.
Obbink Distilling is located at 11 Date St E, in St. Joseph.  Come and check it out!  Hours are 5-10pm June 1-4th.

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