MORE football? Can we handle MORE football after the yearly heartbreak that Vikings fans endure?

WWE boss Vince McMahon announced earlier this year that he's resurrecting the failed XFL in 2020. And now we're getting a THIRD football option, and we're getting it after the next Super Bowl.

A guy that used to work with Vince - Charlie Ebersol - is behind the Alliance of American Football, and the AAF will debut one week after Super Bowl LIII. It already has a few games being aired on TV (CBS will air the season opener, the championship game, and one featured game each week), and will run 10 weeks.

Former Vikings legend Jared Allen is among the financial backers for the new league, and former NFL players Hines Ward and Troy Polamalu are among the advisors to the new league.


There are some interesting differences between the AAF and the NFL:

1) no TV timeouts
2) 60% fewer commercials
3) no kickoffs and no onside kicks
4) every touchdown is followed by a two-point conversion attempt

So the AAF looks to be very viewer-friendly, but definitely not kicker-friendly. It might be the perfect new home for Blair Walsh.

Another professional football league, today's Sign of the Apocalypse.


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