Looking for an oil change?  Your options just got a bit larger now that the newest location of Valvoline Oil change is open.  It's been a couple of weeks, but as we have all been watching it grow from "nothing in a parking lot" to a fully functioning building. it could be a more convenient option for some.

The new Valvoline Oil Change location is in the corner of the parking lot near Pawn America.  That is located in the Byerly's - Lund's complex on Division Street in St. Cloud.

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When I was there last week, there were a few cars waiting, but mostly it was open and would seem like it wouldn't take to long to get what you needed to do and get on your way.  The good thing is that it isn't too difficult to get in and out of.  Unlike some of the other locations around town.

So, now there is another option for anybody who wants/needs a quick oil change.  And now you can basically just wait in your car while they perform the oil change.  This was a change that was mostly made after the COVID pandemic.  Some places would let you do that prior to the shut downs, but now almost every place where you get your oil changes, tires rotated or changed, or other simple tasks that are performed on your car, will let you just sit in your car and wait. I find that very convenient.

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