The Minnesota DNR released their new deer hunting regulations.  These regulations for will allow deer hunters to shoot more than one deer in more than half the state.  Glen Schmitt from Outdoor News joined me on WJON this week.  He says "for deer hunters to be able to shoot more than one deer is almost unheard of."  Glen says this is based on the high population of deer in many areas of the state.  Glen says there will be several opportunities for people to harvest deer this season.  Most areas across Central the Minnesota DNR permit will allow for up to 3 deer during the firearms season.

Schmitt says the DNR sets these harvest goals based on population, public input and take a look at whether they need to increase or decrease the population each year.  Glen says the deer population in Central Minnesota has exceeded the amount the DNR would like to see.  He says the only way to manage deer numbers is hunting.  Glen says many deer have become comfortable coming into town raiding gardens, scrubs and bird feeders.

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Glen says deer hunting opener is a tradition in Minnesota in a similar fashion as the fishing opener.  He says deer hunting more than anything else we do in the outdoors in generational.  This tradition is passed on through families and Glen says more women have gotten involved in deer hunting in recent years than they ever have.

Find the 2021 deer hunting regulations from the DNR here.  If you'd like to hear my full conversation with Glen Schmitt from Outdoor News find it below.



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