There were over 2,000 submissions for the new Minnesota State Flag.  Some are great, some are....interesting.  But even better than those not so great submissions are these ideas from local artist Adam Turman.

According to his website Adam is an artist, muralist and screen printer from Minneapolis.  He offers his take on Minnesota landmarks and lifestyle.  He worked with the Minnesota State Fair in 2019 creating 3D versions of his art that visitors could take pictures with and it was a social media hit.

You can't deny that these flag ideas definitely connect with our Minnesota way of life.  I mean, Ruffles and Top the Tater? "Dontcha know" in the beloved Dayton's font is perfect!

Recently there was a call to redesign the Minnesota state flag.
The following are my submissions. Fingers crossed 
Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.
How cool would it be to be the chosen artist/designer?! What an amazing opportunity and an honor to represent the wonderful, incredible, beautiful state of Minnesota.
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As Turman mentions here, he did submit some serious flag options, but that he had to have some fun with it as well and these are clearly fun! Who in Minnesota hasn't at some point said, "For cripes sake" or "Geez Louise"?   I'm beginning to think he should submit these as well.


You can see some of the best and worst (real) submissions for the state flag HERE. Meanwhile how do we start a petition to get the Top the Tater flag adopted asap?

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