A social media page, identifying the quirky things found in Minnesota recently, had a post from a new Minnesotan pop-up that showed off these mysterious lights hovering inside the clouds in Southern Minnesota. Those who have lived here for some amount of time have seen these same lights before and knew there was nothing to be concerned about.

The mysterious circle of lights can be seen across portions of South Central Minnesota from as far away as 15-20 miles. The lights don't move at all but appear to swirl when the clouds are really low and moving.

For those unfamiliar with that portion of the state, I can see how this could be unnerving, as you only really notice them when there is cloud cover. But what are these mysterious lights?


If you are a fan of gambling you already know that those mysterious lights in the sky are the lights from Mystic Lake Casino, located down by Prior Lake. The lights are from the casino and make a triangle shape above the casino, cross, and then continue to shoot up into the night.

Mystic Lake Casino via Google Maps
Mystic Lake Casino via Google Maps

So when there is cloud cover the strong lights will illuminate the clouds, forming this circle of lights in the sky.

Whether or not the circle of lights in the sky was intended when the casino was built or not it's pretty genius, because if you know what you are looking for you'll always know where the casino is.

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