Good grief.

Ever feel like your kids just don't get enough TV?



Netflix disagrees. And now they're making parents' lives even more difficult.


Stressed? Who's stressed?!?!?! (Getty Images)

To further the challenge of prying our kids away from the television set, Netflix is "testing" a "patches" feature that rewards kids for melting their brains in front of big screens for extended periods of time.

Finished every episode of Fuller House? You get a badge!

That's right, it's the crappy digital version of merit badges.

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Bye, kids! Guess you won't be needing us for merit badges, anymore! (Getty Images)

To kick it up another notch, Netflix will apply onscreen red locks to chosen shows (Netflix Originals) that kids can "unlock" by watching every episode.

Incentivize TV binging? Judging by the effects on adults when binging TV shows ("it's over? IT'S OVER?!") what could possibly go wrong?

Netflix pouring heroin on the cocaine fire of TV addiction for kids, today's Sign of the Apocalypse.

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