Is it just me, or should this have never happened?

In case you missed it, cyber tests from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that "nearly all" (yes, that's a quote) of the Pentagon's new weapons were vulnerable to attack. Not a big deal, right?

Passwords took only seconds to guess (!!!) or were never changed from their factory settings, and even know cyber vulnerabilities were left unfixed. I can't go longer than 6 weeks without being required to change my email password and the f**king Pentagon can just leave Things That Can Kill Lots Of People on their factory settings?!

Day 2 - Starmus Festival 2017: Life and The Universe
They even hacked Larry King's brain IS NOTHING SACRED/SECURE?! (Getty Images)

Oh, it gets worse.

During the tests, it was found that parts of some computer systems would shut down from a simple scan.

The GAO blames some of these issues with the lack of ability to retain or even hire cybersecurity engineers due to the difference in pay between the government (public sector) and commercial jobs (private sector).

Okay...the defense budget is MASSIVE, and we can't afford to hire the best? Or at least...the better? Gooder? C'mon! I don't want a stealth bomber getting hacked and taking out my favorite Taco Bell!

And that makes this ridiculous story a Sign of the Apocalypse.


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