Neal McCoy has a long standing career in country music and now he seems to be expanding his career into singing at weddings. Well... not ANY wedding.

Neal has been asked by Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert to sing at their upcoming wedding. The pair made their decision after sitting side stage at one of Neal's recent shows.

If you've ever seen Neal on stage, you know that his show is full of wackiness and spontaneity. I saw him walk out on stage once wearing bright pink Crocs. The next night, he walked out in bright, lime green Crocs.

Neal is one of the artists in our format that always delivers a fun show no matter what city he is in. Off stage, he is just as funny - if not funnier. At one show in New England a few years back, Neal was on tour with Darryl Worley at a Six Flags Amusement Park. We were all backstage in the catering area getting things set for the show and Darryl comes off his bus with his hair all messed up and looking like he had been hit by a freight train. Neal looks over, starts laughing and says "That is one tall, ugly SOB! He looks like Nick Nolte's mug shot!"

I am confident that Neal will be able to provide great entertainment for Blake and Miranda's wedding. I'm still waiting on my invitation from them.

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