NASCAR legend Tony Stewart was in Jackson, Minnesota racing sprint car over the weekend, and it didn't end well for him, or a fan attending the event.

Unfortunately it didn't start well either. Tony's engine blew one lap into the race, leaving fans that came to see him drive a bit disappointed.

But Tony was nice enough to go out and sign autographs, until one heckler came out yelling at him accusing Tony of quitting the race. Tony did his best to ignore the guy, but then they started flipping each other off, and that's when it go physical.


Tony ran straight at the heckler, threw a punch and ended up hitting the guy. According to police, no charges have been filed and the situation was "handled internally by race track officials."

Tony Stewart has always been a little hot headed, but this heckler was asking for it. With Jackson being so close to Iowa there's a good chance he's not from Minnesota and doesn't know what Minnesota Nice is.

Check out the video of Tony Stewart throwing a punch below.
WARNING: Strong language is used.

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