I've lived in central Minnesota for most of my life and have watched nearly every Fourth of July fireworks display in St. Cloud. My family has tested out many different viewing spots over the years--so I consider myself an expert when it comes to selecting the best spot. I've put together my top spots for watching fireworks below!

1. Hester Park. This is a very popular spot to watch the fireworks--and it makes sense. They have food vendors on hand, live music and activities before the display. The only downside is that traffic can get a little congested when it's time to leave.

2. Wilson Park. This is also a great spot to watch the fireworks. The view is phenomenal and children can play on the park equipment before the fireworks start.

3. Technical College parking lot. This spot is ideal for serious firework watchers. It's great for those people who don't really want to deal with too much traffic after the show is over and for those who don't have small children to keep occupied before the display. After all, it's just a parking lot, but it has a great view.


4. Parking ramp attached to the Paramount. This is a GREAT spot for watching the fireworks because you're above the treeline. There's really nothing that you can't see. Plus, you get an amazing view of the city too.

5. Sauk Rapids Bridge. I have always enjoyed watching the show from the bridge because the fireworks reflect off of the water--it's breath taking!

6. Cathedral High School Football Field. This spot is fairly close to Hester Park and provides the same view. Traffic can still get a little backed up in this area, but who cares when you have one of the best views.

7. Lake George. I haven't personally watched the fireworks from this spot before but I've seen many photos taken by friends who have. The view is spectacular.

So, bring the bug spray, snacks and a blanket--and enjoy the show, Central Minnesota!

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