There are defining moments in life, right? Your first day of school for example; and then  your KIDS first day of school. You start thinking about all the things that you did or didn't do up until this point in your life...and you wonder...what will their path hold?


How will they do in school? Will they like sports, or maybe be Musicians? Will they have lots of friends? Some or maybe none at all? Will they believe in themselves? Will they have confidence? Will they need braces? Will they want to go to college? Will they want to drive a car? The list of questions never ends.


It seems that with each of my children; the answers to these questions has been different. Some chose NOT to go to college. It was the best decision for them. Some decided to go to college; It was the best decision for them. Some decided they did NOT want a license.  That was the best decision for them. They are all doing well and I'm so proud.



Now here we are; the last of the 3. Standing in line at the Driver's Bureau; having just passed his drivers test; and off he goes. The last one. My baby boy. There will be no more days like this. Days wondering how he's doing out there...if this will be the day that he passes; and life as he knows it now; has changed. A world has opened up. He's gained MORE confidence. He knows that he can go anywhere his wheels will take him.

I am so proud of all of my boys...but when the last one does something that you'll never experience again; it puts a finalization on a way. That my job of being a mom; of being the caretaker; the worrier; all of those things that seemed to go by so slowly over the years; is now flying by and I can't stop the clock. That's what we do isn't it...stand and watch with amazement at what they become and do...and hope that it is everything we could ever want for them.


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