I've been saving my money for a Snowblower all summer; and had my Dad and Mom help me choose one before any of the snow arrived.

Lucky me, my Dad took the disassembled snowblower home and put it together for me; and then proceeded to show myself and my son Mason how to operate it. Snowblower training 101.  We did that back in late November I believe.

Yesterday was the first time I needed to use it. Mason wasn't home; so my plan for having my son take care of it for me was thrown out the window.

So I tackled it. I went through all the steps Dad told me to do...and nothing....I tried again...nothing.

Finally, I went to the book, to make sure I was moving the right knobs and levers. After correcting a few minor erros, I texted a few friends who gave me some times, and tadah! It started right up.l I proceeded to slowly learn how to direct the spout so I didn't throw snow all over passing traffic. Before you know it; I'm having so much fun I'm snowblowing my yard.

I woke up this morning and realized I should have gotten up an hour earlier and did it again, but I guess I'll just have to tackle it again this afternoon. I think mason might fight me for it.


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