A few months ago, I received a call from my bank that said my debit bank card had been compromised. I was at work, WITH my card in my purse; yet someone was enjoying their shopping spree in Maple Grove at various locations; trying to pick up some groceries and various other things.


RFID Technology has been ridiculed. I've been told that someone can be standing in line behind me at the local gas station or convenience store, and if I don't have my card in an RFID protective case, that person can read my card and use it for themselves.

Is this True? I've read a variety of articles about RFID technology; and supposedly, back in 2010; the early days of using this technology on our cards, that it WAS possible; but recently there have been developments to the RFID cards that make this impossible.

So how did my card get compromised? Did I go somewhere and someone slid it in their own device at a restaurant? A grocery store? A gas station? How do we protect ourselves from these types of crimes?


First of all; I'm not taking any chances. I put my card in a RFID protection case. I only get my card out when I'm making the purchase and it immediately goes back in my protective card case. Is this enough?

It's possible that I swiped my card at a pump somewhere in central Minnesota. I always check for this type of crime, so I'd be surprised if this is how it happened. More than likely, I GAVE my card to someone who walked away with it while I was at a restaurant, they swiped it for personal use, and then gave it back to me.

Regardless, the best way to stay on top of these things? Don't give your card number to anyone; not even your kids. Get an RFID protective case to carry your cards. Check your bank account daily to make sure all the charges are legitimate. Time is of the essence.

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