We all know that our pets have their own unique personalities.  Meet Eric Clapton the cat. My Nephew Brody lived with me for a bit when I moved back to Princeton, and this is his cat, who also lived with me.

His name is fitting. This cat has many talents.

  • If you are holding his favorite blanket, he will be in your lap. He's obsessed with that particular blanket.
  • He has to eat his food on the floor (heaven forbid you eat out of a bowl).
  • He meows constantly when he wants his 'fancy canned food.
  • He has an authentic feeder for dry food that he likes to snack on a few times a day.
  • He loves to sleep on your head at night; or your neck, so no fear of getting the chills with him around.
  • He also turns into a crazy focused psycho cat when he's wanting his catnip fix. You better put it down fast, or you'll pay the price.
  • This kitty has many talents, but there's one that you have to really pay attention to in order to catch him in the act.


Watch the video below as my Sister in Law caught him in the act:

Karen & Dennis Cordes Jr./Youtube

Did you see that?  Dare you set down your glass of milk for a second. If he gets the opportunity, he's going to be dipping his paw in your glass until every single drop is gone.

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This morning, my cat Mr. Bean was wanting me to get up and feed him at 4am.  He will sit right by my face and lightly scratch my mouth if I close my eyes. He is actually very patient as long as I open my eyes and continue to pet him; but if I close my eyes, he goes right back to tapping my face with a touch of claw, to make sure I wake up and follow him to the kitchen.


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