Kelly Cordes


I think my cat Mr. Bean and my dog Sampson, spend hours plotting their escape of our pet prison in Princeton.

The last couple weeks have been trying; They boys and I coordinating when we can open the garage door without the pets escaping; The backyard fence gate should NEVER be opened.


After several escape attempts these past couple weeks, I finally got my pets some NICE tags which include their names, My phone number and a message that says, I LOVE MY CAT/DOG and THANK YOU.

Believe it or not, not even a MINUTE after I put Sampson's new black bone shaped sparkly tag on him, I let him out in our fenced in backyard. About 20 minutes later, my neighbor came over and told me he was running around the neighborhood. Someone in my house actually opened the bungee cord blocked gate, and didn't close it.

This is sort of an important thing to remember since my dog is like a T Rex from Jurassic Park running around and terrorizing the city of Princeton. Luckily, just like the T-Rex, he likes to chase my car, so he came running to me when he thought I was driving to Grandma and Grandpas. He jumped right in and I drove us right back into the garage.

Kelly Cordes


Mr. Bean has also had many successful escape attempts. He's always on someone else's property, climbing all over their deck, in their trees or on their patio; it's like he WANTS me to go to jail for trespassing. He just sits there and watches me; knowing I'm going to have to break laws to reach him.

So, he also got his new fish shaped tag.  As I'm loading up my car for a gig on Saturday night, he loaded himself up. I guess he thought he should play some music too.