We're (for the most part) not culinarily-advanced. Three-course dinner? Nah, leave that to the professionals! Macaroni and cheese? SIGN ME UP!

I consider myself a decent cook...just really lazy. I can cook a medium-rare steak, I can make scrambled eggs that aren't rubbery...I can even (usually) flip an omelet. Mad kitchen skillz! But naps are life.

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I've also NEVER cooked a human (Getty Images)

Americans in general are far from master chefs...we spend too much time trying to be Master Chiefs.

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We're better at making rice (56%) than pancakes (52%). Not sure how I feel about that...because I SUCK at making rice (unless it's the microwave-in-a-bag variety).

The food we're goodest at making is scrambled eggs (63%). 62% are confident in their hamburger-making skills...but are they confident because they cook the juices out of the burgers until they're bricks? I think being able to cook a tasty burger that's still pink in the middle should be the qualifier here. Same with steaks: can you cook it any way besides completely dead?

I'm a bit of a snob about this. I know. Also don't care. Get cookin', 'Merica!

H/T: NY Post

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