This might be something to keep in mind as we go through the summer months in Minnesota. Our state bird, the mosquito, is out in full force and you might be one of those people that just naturally attracts them. In my family, my mom and I get eaten alive when we are outside, but my sister and dad never seem bothered by the pests. Here are some reasons that mosquitos might be gravitating towards you and not others.

1. Stress

Studies have shown mosquitos could be drawn to the hormones that come out in your sweat when you're stressed. They can smell them and will flock to you for your sweet, stressed blood. You get attacked, you get more stressed and the cycle repeats itself. Try some deep breathing exercises.

2. Higher Body Temperature

Body temperature is determined by a few factors, some in your control and some not. Age, gender, physical activity, pregnancy, even eating something spicy. The hotter you are, the more inviting you are to mosquitos so try to stay cool.

3. You Need a Shower

We have all been there. It's been a couple of days at the cabin and your version of a shower is jumping in the lake. Mosquitos are attracted to a specific type of bacteria, and we tend to have more bacteria near our ankles and feet, explaining why they love that area so much. They also might just have a foot fetish. That is yet to be studied from a science perspective.

4. Wearing Dark Clothing

Reds, blacks, and blues attract more mosquitoes than lighter colors. Keep that one in mind the next time you are changing to sit around a campfire.

5. Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol makes blood vessels dilate, raising the temperature of your skin. Mosquitos also love the ethanol content in sweat. Basically they just want to mooch drinks from us in the most annoying way possible.

In conclusion, spray your body down with ALL THE DEET. And try to relax. No one is ever totally safe from these little monsters.

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