I have always felt that our Senior citizens deserve to be celebrated.  They've been through so much. They've raised children and had life experiences that someone of a younger age just hasn't had yet.

Often, they've shared their knowledge with younger generations in an effort to help them not make the mistakes they themselves may have made.  There is just so much we can learn from our Senior members of the community.

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When I see Seniors that are lonely and alone it absolutely breaks my heart.  And let's be honest, we will all be senior citizens one day and we all deserve to be taken care of and loved. So, when I saw this post on Facebook from the Harmony House in Pierz I knew I wanted to share it and encourage everyone to write letters to these valued community members.


Will you help me make a Senior Smile? A lot of our residents look forward to when the mail comes. Unfortunately, many do not get anything. I am hopful you or someone you know is willing to drop a card or letter in the mail to one of our Seniors.
You do not need to put a name on it Address it to:
Harmony House Attn: M.A.S
PO Box 247
Pierz, MN 56364
I will make sure it gets into the hands of someone who will shed tears of joy and smile the rest of the week knowing someone was thinking of them.

I spoke with Kathie Baxter, Director of Harmony House - Pierz, who said:

The majority of our residents have dementia. Most do not get mail and it is so important for them to still feel connected and that people still care about them.

Let's get letters in the mail and bring tears of joy to all the folks at Harmony House - Pierz!

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