If you deal with pest issues in the fall regularly, you might want to stock up on those mouse traps as one pest expert thinks Minnesotans are in for a surge in pests this fall.

Zachary Smith, of Smith's Pest Management, thinks that due to the warm dry summer, pests will be looking for places to shelter during the winter in higher numbers than usual. Smith wrote online that "the rise in temperatures can have ripple effects on pest behaviors and life cycles, subsequently affecting their numbers in the subsequent season."

Smith gave 5 reasons as to why he thinks we are in for more pests this fall:

  • Accelerated Growth and Reproduction
  • Prolonged Pest Activity
  • Migration Patterns
  • Stress on Natural Predators
  • Enhanced Food Sources

All of the above reasons for more pests revolve around the warm dry summer we had, allowing pests more time to make baby pests, and the summer conditions also reduced the amount of predators that feed on these pests.

What kind of pests are we talking about here? Mice, wasps, gophers, moles, and voles.

Smith is also urging Minnesotans to stay alert and prepared for this impending pest wave, emphasizing proactive measures to safeguard homes and properties.

Some things you can do to pest-proof your home this time of year are:

  • Seal gaps near windows and doors with silicone
  • Fix and repair any damaged screens on your windows and doors
  • Inspect your attic for holes or possible entrances for pests, also check your foundation walls for cracks and chips that could lead to pests entering your warm home
  • Another tip for homeowners is to make sure you shut off your outdoor water sources earlier than normal to ensure pests aren't attracted to your home/lawn.

Terminix has other tips for pest-proofing your home, you can find those here. 

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