Earlier this winter MnDOT asked for suggestions for names to give eight of the snowplows in their fleet, and much to their surprise and amazement, Minnesotans submitted nearly 24,000 ideas. That massive list was then pared down to the final 50, and then it was time to vote.

I think Minnesota got the idea from Scotland, which names all of its plows -- with Minnesota dipping its toe in the pool by committing to name eight. I'll be surprised if that number doesn't grow again next year.

Some of the names given to Scotland's snow plows in include Buzz IceClear, Sweet Child O-Brine, Creedence Clear-Road Revival, Megameltasaurus, Salt Disney, For Your Ice Only, and License to Chill.

MnDOT's eight snowplow names represented one plow from each of the state's transportation districts.

Minnesota's 2021 Eight Winners Are...

MN Dept. of Transportation
MN Dept. of Transportation

I'm glad to see that my personal favorite 'Duck, Duck, Orange Truck made the cut. It's not enough to create names in an online poll, now MnDOT must paint the names all over the eight trucks clearing the roads across the state.

"Hey MOM, look -- it's Plowy McPlowFace!" That has to happen.

Here's how the 122,000+ votes for all fifty finalists came in:

Snowplow nameNumber of votes
Ain’t Snow Stopping Us Now7,969
Babe the Orange Plow7,266
Blizzard Blaster6,273
Blizzard of Oz12,665
Blizzard Wizard8,364
Buzz Iceclear11,079
Cold Enough for Ya?4,719
Darth Blader20,344
Dontcha Snow13,736
Duck Duck Orange Truck25,824
Edward Blizzardhands13,381
F. Salt Fitzgerald20,699
Fast and the Flurry Less6,284
Flake Superior7,671
For Your Ice Only7,837
Frosty the Snowplow9,108
Giiwedin (Ojibwe word for ‘north wind’)16,041
Goldy Snow-pher5,645
Ičamna (Dakota word for ‘blizzard’)14,264
Joe Plow-er5,958
Justin Moresnow6,676
Kent Brrr-bek5,955
King of the North8,099
Lake SnowBeGone8,061
Live, Laugh, Plow8,378
L'Plow du Nord12,237
Luke Snowalker8,098
Mary Tyler More Snow6,306
Minnesota nICE9,003
No Business Like Snow Business4,990
Oh Snow You Didn't!9,518
Ope, Just Gonna Plow Right Past Ya29,457
Plow Bunyan22,016
Plowin' in the Wind4,803
Plowy McPlowFace65,292
Princess Kay of the Snowy Way5,075
Purple Snow8,829
Raspberry Brrr-et11,465
Road Carew6,621
Sir Plows A Lot16,212
Snow Place like Home4,346
Snowbi Wan Kenobi21,568
Spirit of ‘919,338
Tator Tot Hotdish10,554
The Truck Formerly Known as Plow17,549
The Winterstate4,135

Here's hoping we don't need top see many of these big orange snowplows on Minnesota's highways many more times this season. Think Summer!

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