Wow, nothing seems to go together better than meth and bad decisions. This woman found out the hard way and will likely spend a good portion of the rest of her life behind bars.

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I'm not sure where Ball Club, Minnesota is, in fact I'd never heard of it before this. According to and court documents, a woman named Crystal Wilson, 42, made her way to a camper in Ball Club, Minnesota to score herself some meth and booze last summer on July 18th.

Both the man in the camper and Wilson did some meth, for some unhinged reason, Wilson took a butcher knife and stabbed the man multiple times. Wilson then went unconscious only to wake up later and find the victim cold to the touch.

I'm not a meth user but I find it difficult to believe that someone would just fall asleep after doing meth. After awaking and realizing that the man she was doing meth with was dead, Wilson decided to take a lighter and torch the camper. Wilson said that she thought she "was burning a witch."

Authorities did a search of the burnt camper and failed to find a butcher knife that Wilson claimed to have used to stab the victim. The did find a pair of needle nose plyers in the burned-out camper.

Wilson entered a guilty plea on Monday to 2nd degree intentional murder and 1st degree arson. Wilson is looking at a prison sentence of possibly 37 years. She will be sentenced January 20, 2023.

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