I don't know how many times I heard people, suffering from injuries or illnesses, say that the one thing that works to give them some relief is cannabis. From pain to providing relief for things like anxiety and the effects of chemotherapy.

It seems the sticking point here is that under federal law, marijuana is still technically illegal even if a state has legalized it. Marijuana distributors, both medical and recreational, have for years had difficulty obtaining business bank accounts for the same reason. Banks are federally insured, thus must follow federal laws.

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According to KFGO News, the Minnesota Supreme Court issued rulings last Wednesday overturning orders from a lower court and ruling that employers do not have to pay for medical marijuana for injured workers.

Possessing and prescribing cannabis is prohibited by federal law and does not recognize state laws legalizing cannabis. We've been told by the current administration that federal legalization is in the works but is probably on the back burner as the pandemic is taking priority in DC.

The Supreme Court ruling relieves employers from being required to pick up the tab on medical marijuana for those injured on the job. Dissenting Judge Margaret Chutich wrote the result of the high court ruling was to deny injured workers the benefits and relief that medical marijuana can provide.

It's long overdue for the Federal Government to just legalize cannabis and let people take advantage of the many positive attributes of cannabis.

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