My mom has a small pumpkin patch growing in her backyard. This is actually the first year she's ever had pumpkins in her garden. When she told me she was going to grow a 'few' pumpkins, I didn't realize she meant like 20-30 of them...seriously, friends. It's a lot of pumpkins.

Because she's got so many pumpkins, she decided to get creative with a few of them this year. She used her creative liberties and I'll admit, I didn't think it would work out.

My two-year-old son Charlie admires my mom's pumpkin patch and always wants to run outside to the garden and check out their progress. It's one of his favorite things to do lately.

Well, a few months ago, my mom carved my son's name into a  little baby pumpkin to see how it would grow...and the cool thing is, his name actually grew with the pumpkin. It's a neat hack. I had no idea you could decorate a pumpkin before it's fully grown.

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I got to thinking, this would probably be something super cool worth sharing. So, here's what she did...

When the pumpkin was still small and green, she took a sharp knife (you could use anything sharp really), and carved his name lightly into the pumpkin. The carving was really small, but it grew, and it grew...and now his name is pretty large.

My son Charlie thinks it's the coolest thing ever. He loved watching his name get bigger and bigger. There's also no question which pumpkin is his. So, if you're into growing your own pumpkins, this might be a neat hack to try next year!

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