I don't understand this one at all.  A cute Elmo doll that laughs when tickled, I get.  A glorified insulated bottle, I don't get.  Because let's be honest, that's what it is.  One is cute and funny, the other...well...it holds liquid.  But it doesn't matter that I don't get it, clearly lots of people get it, they want it, they wait in line and shove people out of the way for it.

@ashalosss RUNNN!!! Vanteines Day Stanley Release at Target! I swear I thought that lady took all of them😭 but I got mine😍 #stanleycup #stanley #valentinesdaystanley #vday #pinkstanleycup #target #2024 #newrelease #valentinesday #blackgirltiktok ♬ Everybody - Nicki Minaj

The Stanley 40 oz tumbler, known as the Quencher, looks very unassuming and retails for $45.  So why can it be found on 3rd party sites now for anywhere from $150 to $1,000?

Let's start with how much the company has made in just one year due to this craze for their cups.  This frenzy has boosted Stanley's annual sales from $75 Million a year to $750 Million in 2023 alone!

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Dr. Marcus Collins studies cultures impact and influence on behavioral adoption.  Sounds a little long and confusing, I know.  But in an article for Forbes magazine, he breaks it down to this.

"What we’re witnessing with Stanley-mania is textbook social contagion", he continues with "These videos inspire others to follow suit, which influences others in a contagious fashion. If our people, or the people we look up to, are doing it, we’re more inclined to do it also. The more conspicuous the consumption, the more likely it is to influence others to consume. Consumption of Stanley bottles, in this regard, becomes an act of inclusion and a means of social currency."

In other words, other people have it so we want it.  We want to be included.

Well look out now because they just released the next big Stanley tumbler on facebook yesterday.  It's the Stanley 40 oz. Arctic Twist.  If you're a Stanley fan, you're going to want to get this right away...I mean as soon as it's back in stock.  Yes, that's right - it's already out of sold out!

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