This granny ain't EVER getting run over by a reindeer!

When Grandma tells you to use a coaster, USE A COASTER.

Brooklyn Park bada** grandma Helen Washington - 75 years of kicka** - knows what a cup of hot tea will do to a wood table. For the unknowing: it leaves a "heat ring". Heat rings can be a pain to get rid of. You can avoid this by simply using a coaster.


Helen's grandson - an adult - sat down for a hot cup of tea at Helen's house, placing his cup on her wood table. Helen wasn't happy about that and told him to use a coaster. Helen's grandson decided to be an idiot and NOT listen to Grandma Helen.

Helen took the cup of tea and dumped down the sink, then left. Idiot grandson decided to upgrade to MORON and fix himself another cup of hot tea and set it right back down on that wooden table.

Pistol Grannie Helen had enough and shot him in the thigh with a revolver.

She's been charged with 2nd degree assault with a deadly weapon. He's probably not invited to Thanksgiving.

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