Minnesota snow plows haven't been needed a lot yet in the state but when they are, they will be ready.  I was joined by Truck Equipment Sales Manager Tim Erickson from Towmaster in Litchfield.  He says Towmaster assembles snow plows with the accessories which includes the addition of the plow and wings.  Erickson says basically when they are done with them they are ready to go.  He explains the vast majority of the MN-Dot snow plows are manufactured in Litchfield including the ones that are named each year.

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photo courtesy of Tim Erickson
photo courtesy of Tim Erickson

The cost of one snowplow is an estimated $250,000.  Erickson says the cost went up dramatically due to supply chain issues brought on by the pandemic at around 30% to 40%.  At Towmaster about 150 to 200 man hours are needed on each snowplow with an additional 100 hours for accessories.  Erickson says 90% of every component done on the truck is from the United States.  He says there are some pieces coming in from other countries due to supply chain concerns.  Erickson says they use as many U.S. products as they can and they are one of 2 facilities that use Minnesota products exclusively.

Towmaster has 2 divisions with one being trailers where they manufacture heavy duty industrial open deck trailers of all sizes and the other is truck manufacturing which works with state, counties, townships and city municipalities.

Erickson says like many manufacturing facilities they are always looking for new talent.  He encourages anyone looking for a new opportunity to consider Towmaster.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Tim Erickson it is available below.



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